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1GB Hosting/ 2x5GB Emails


Find Domain Hosting Example Pages

India’s important Domain Hosting Website Designing and improvement company. We allow agencies to plan, design, build, manage, marketplace and monetize websites.

  1. Home page
  2. About us
  3. Vision
  4. Mission
  5. Areas of work (Similarly, 10 Products, Services etc)
  6. Media Gallery (Gallery images and Youtube videos. After that, its save your net web website online internet net web hosting space)
  7. Blog
  8. FAQ
  9. Contact us
  10. Moreover, 10 Pages hyperlinks depend on your phrase file.

Key Points of Domain Hosting Website Designing

  1. CMS WordPress so you can add greater pages in amongst 1 GB e mail and internet net web hosting space.
  2. Plagiarized Content on request, However, you could with out trouble get google rank.
  3. Add/edit(resize)/delete 10 images.
  4. Social Links Connect.

On -Site search engine marketing:  

  • URL shape check &report
  • Redirections check & report
  • Asset Magnification Report
  • Crawl Errors Report
  • Broken Links Report
  • Page Speed Report
  • Server Speed Report
  • Overall Website Speed Report
  • Asset Compression Report
  • World Wide Web Consortium report (Errors +Warnings)
  • Create/Update Page Title
  • Create/ Update Meta Description
  • Create/ Update Meta Tags
  • Robots.txt check
  • Sitemap.xml check
  • Internal linking integration
  • Custom 404 Page

Branding: The emblem can be supplied with the beneficial useful resource for the usage of the Client. In different words, touch your picture designer.

Payment term: 100% advance price and Not Refundable.

Time frame: 1 Week (Before All statistics are submitted thru manner of way of Client) minimum.

Support: Website Designing 12 Month Ticket.  For instance, Email chat.

Renewal: After 1-one year Domain and net web website online internet net web hosting Charges exercising or it’s extended relying at the cutting-edge price.

Paid Services:  Charge Extra, Hosting, and Paid plugin fees to use Therefore, it’s extended relying at the cutting-edge price.

With SEO

2000, No

With Website Designing

2000, No

With Support

2000, No


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